Note: some workshops are not finalized yet and are subject to change.

  • Art of communication: how subtleties of theatre can make us better communicators
  • Conflict Management in Healthcare
  • Spiritual Health in Clinical Practice: Meeting the Spiritual Needs of Patients
  • An Introduction to Orthotics and Casting
  • Seed by Seed – Youth Obesity & Empowerment
  • Global and national perspectives on Emergency Contraception
  • Is basic income a solution to the national poverty epidemic: a debate on basic income!
  • Eyes in, organs out : a look into augmented reality.
  • Journalism in Healthcare: The Translation of Knowledge from the Front Lines to our Patients
  • Food Insecurity: A Growing Concern in Canada
  • Opioid Crisis: The Frontline
  • Breathe Right: An interactive workshop dedicated to demonstrating proper intubation techniques