ISRCH Poster


Click HERE to submit an abstract. Abstracts may be submitted in English or French.

Why Apply?

Exposure to Interdisciplinary Community

  • Interact with students, researchers and professionals from many disciplines through workshops and presentations
  • Build your network! ISRCH will introduce you to students and professionals that you may call on for future collaborations

Showcase your Research

  • Share your research expertise with undergraduate and graduate students that have a diverse area of expertise
  • Gain experience delivering research in a conference setting, receive constructive feedback on your presentation skills (prizes will be offered for best posters and presentations)

Build Interdisciplinary Skills

  • ISRCH is dedicated to improving patient care, but we will only be successful if we practice working together!
  • Workshops and talks will be offered by professionals in a variety of fields related to patient care

Become a Judge

How to become a Judge

Judging of presentation and posters will play an important role in encouraging interdisciplinary interactions at ISRCH. We encourage interested students and professionals from all disciplines to join in the judging! This will give you a chance to learn about the interesting research happening outside your faculty and allow you to share your perspective on these projects.
We are currently recruiting Francophone and Anglophone faculty members, graduate students (Masters, PhD and post-doctoral),  and researchers to be conference judges for ISRCH 2018.

All judges are welcome to participate in talks and workshops throughout the day free of charge!

If you are interested in becoming a judge, please apply HERE

Deadline to apply to be a judge: March 15th, 2018

Apply Now to be a Student Presenter

Note: While ISRCH aims to bring together different disciplines, there is no requirement for your research to have an interdisciplinary focus. We welcome all projects relating to healthcare.

Who Can Apply?

  • Any student (undergraduate or graduate) student attending a post- secondary institution conducting research that is related to healthcare. We welcome diverse submissions from a variety of disciplines.

How to Apply?

Application Form 

  • Please complete the application form by February 25th, 2018.
    • Note: We cannot guarantee your preferred presentation format because of the limited spots for oral presentation, but we will try to accommodate your preference
  • Selected applicants will be contacted in early March.

Abstract guidelines:

Please consult the scoring criteria below, paying particular attention to making the abstract easy to follow by a wide range of audience from different disciplines. The word limit for the abstract is 250 words. Abstracts longer than 250 words will not be considered for presentation.

Abstracts can be submitted in French or English.

Presentation Format

Individual presentations will take place in one of two formats

a) A poster presentation with a 5-minute presentation to judges

b) A 10-minute oral presentation to a panel of judges

  • Posters will be showcased all day throughout the event with presentations occurring during the lunch period
  • Note that judges will be from a variety of backgrounds


Abstracts submitted will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Introduction to research topic
  • Relevant background information
  • Overview of objectives
  • Methods and results (if applicable)
  • Significance of the research
  • Relevance to health care(yes/no)
  • Understood by broad audience (especially those not in your field of research)
  • Spelling and Grammar


A total of 8 monetary prizes with certificates will be awarded to the best two presentations within each category(i.e. Graduate, undergraduate, poster, oral).